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Troubleshoot Dataflow Issues


Learn how to identify why dataflow is not working by reviewing these common roadblocks.

Common Reasons Data Didn’t Flow 

The Dates Aren’t Lining Up 

The clinical documents must be dated in sequence with the intended flow of the form set.  Clinical documents dated in the future will not send their data until that particular date arrives because the system does not yet see that clinical document as active.

Ineffective Date 

If the source document has passed its Ineffective Date, then data will not pull from it anymore. Please make sure that the Treatment Plan is still within the effective date range. 

Inactive Form 

If the source document has been marked as inactive then data will not pull from it anymore. Please make sure that the Inactive checkbox has not been checked at the top of the clinical document.

Forms in Different Programs 

If programs are used in your database, clinical documents must be in the same program for data to flow from one to the next. If either the source (ie. Treatment Plan) or the destination document (ie. Progress Note) does not have a program listed, this will also prevent dataflow from working properly. Confirm that both documents have the same program listed in the Program field at the top of the form.

Dataflow does not filter based on the staff that created the clinical document. The program is the determining factor.

Multiple Treatment Plans in the Same Program 

If there is more than one active Treatment Plan, with overlapping effective dates, in the same program for a client, Procentive will not know which Treatment Plan from which to pull data into the Progress Note.  Please confirm that only one active Treatment Plan is on file per program for the client and that their dates line up correctly. 

There Is No Data

Sometimes the issue can be as simple as this: The fields in the source document that dataflow pulls from are not filled out. Please open the source document and verify that all the fields needing to flow into the new document are populated with information. 

If the data was changed in the source document after creating the destination document, the dataflow info will not update in the destination document. Data flows from a source document only when you first create the destination form. 

The Form Was Not Designed With Dataflow 

Agencies can have several different form sets with different dataflow rules worked into each set. Please confirm with a clinical champion or director from your agency that the source document you filled out previously does in fact flow into the specific destination document you have chosen.

The information that flows from one clinical document to the next depends upon how your online forms were created in conversation with Procentive.  This is a highly individualized process with many options.  Learn more about Procentive's Dataflow Options.

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