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Unable to Save Clinical Document


If you are unable to save a clinical document due to connection loss or session timing out, Procentive is able to restore the data if the correct steps are followed.

Possible Errors

  • You may receive an error regarding your internet connection (loss of connection, etc.). 
  • Your session may have timed out due to inactivity. 
  • You may have received this warning message: "Failed to save successfully."

​If you encounter one of these (or another issue that prevents you from saving), Procentive is able to restore the form you were working on with the data intact.

Request Restore

  1. If you received the above error message, Click OK
  2. Click on the white exclamation mark in the lower left-hand corner of the form.

    explanation mark

    A window will pop up and tell you “This information has been copied to the clipboard...”
  1. Click OK and then minimize the form window. Note: Do not close the form window.
  2. Open up a blank Microsoft Word document (word doc.)
  3. Click once in the document then click CTRL+ V to paste the information that was placed on your clipboard into the word doc.
    • ​You will see a page of coding.
  4. Save the word doc.
  5. Once internet access is restored, create a ticket to send to Procentive.

Do not send the attachment in an email, as it contains Protected Health Information (PHI).

  1. Title this ticket Document Restoration.
  2. ​In the Description Field, type:
    • Form Name
    • Form Date
    • Client Name or Number
  3. Attach your word doc to the ticket.
  4. Check Send to Procentive.
  5.  Click Save

Procentive Support Desk will receive the request and restore the document within 1-2 Business days.

The document will be restore from the point in time that you lost it.  It is important that you do not add or change any information in the document until Procentive restores it.  If you add or change information that information will be overwritten when Procentive restores the document.

If you are having issues with timing out of a session due to inactivity, a good practice is to date and save the form upon opening. Once you have saved the form once, the auto-save feature in Procentive will kick in.

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