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Update Staff Signing Credentials


Clinical staff sign clinical documents in Procentive with a digital signature, which can include whatever credentials they want to have accompany their name. A staff must create their own digital signing password in the Settings Module. The credentials that staff want attached to their signature are entered in the Staff Module.  This article will explain how to update these credentials.

Note:  Being able to change staff records is a permission that is typically granted to champions.  If you do not have permission to make this change, contact your Procentive champion.

Add Staff's Signing Credentials to Their Digital Signature

  1. Go to the Staff Module.
  2. Double-click the staff row whose credentials you would like to enter/update.
  3. Click the Role tab.
  4. Type the staff’s credentials into the Full Credentials text box.
    • When s/he digitally signs a form, this is what will appear.
  5. Click Save.

Do not modify the Credentials (billing) field. This is connected to the Payers Module and may determine the rates for services provided by this staff person. Do not change this field without first contacting the Procentive Support.