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Free Payer Setting for Eligibility Module


Procentive has an expanded list of payers that you can run eligibility checks on.  Some of these payers charge for this service.  You can decide from an agency level whether or not your staff have the ability to run eligibility checks for payers that charge,  or you can limit this to only payer that do not charge. This article will explain how to change the eligibility setting for your entire agency.

To adjust this setting:

  1. Click on the Settings Module.
  2. Click on the Billing Tab.
  3. Scroll to the very bottom to locate the setting Only allow access to "free" payers in Eligibility Module.
    • Allow free payers only (this is the default option).
      • This will limit the payer list so staff can only check eligibility for payers that do not charge for this service.
      • The same restriction applies in the Client Module, Payers tab, Check eligibility link. 
    • Allow access to all payers .
      • This setting option allows any staff with eligibility permissions to run a check for any available payer.
      • The name of the staff who changed this field to this option is tracked in a report.
  4. Choose the correct option.
  5. Click .
  6. Log out of Procentive and back in for the change to take affect. 
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