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Require PMAP Program For Eligibility


In order to run eligibility for Minnesota Prepaid Medical Assistance Programs (PMAP's), the PMAP payer must require PMAP programs and a client must have a PMAP program selected in the Clients Module.

Set-Up: Require This Field

This feature requires your staff to choose a PMAP program at data entry.  If they do not choose a program they will get a warning message stating "A PMAP Program must be selected."  This warning will not stop them from saving the client record.  To make this a requirement:  

  1. Click on the Payers Module.

  2. Double-click to open the PMAP payer.

  3. Click on the Payer Rules tab.

  4. Locate the fields called Require PMAP programs for each client.

  5. Choose Yes.

  6. Click Save.

Important Note:  If you do not make this selection, you will not be able to see PMAP payers  in the Eligibility Module.

Where To Choose Client's PMAP Program

  1. Click on the Clients Module.

  2. Double-click on a client's line (where there is not a blue line) to open the client record. 

  3. Click on the Payers tab.

  • You will open to the Enrollment sub-tab.

  1. Minnesota Medical Assistance Program:  choose a selection from the dropdown. 

  2. Click Save.


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