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Select A Batch of Clients For Running Eligibility


This article will explain how to use the filters in the Eligibility Module to make selections for batch eligibility runs.


The filter section allows you to define and search for a specific group of clients that you would like to review and run eligibility on. For example, you can use the appointment date ranges to check for upcoming appointments and you can further define this search by program, location or a particular staff. 

To Run Eligibility, Click on the Eligibility Module.   

eligibility filters location all.jpg

Filter Options
Primary Staff

This field is connected to the primary provider selected in the clients module, staff tab.  To check eligibility for a specific primary staff,  begin to enter the staff name into the search box, then select from the drop down menu to the right.  Click All to show all staff and clear your search. 

Client To check eligibility for a specific client,  begin to enter the client name into the search box, then select from the drop down menu to the right.  Click All to show all clients and clear your search.
Payer To check eligibility for a specific payer,  begin to enter the payer name into the search box, then select from the drop down menu to the right.  Click All to show all payers and clear your search.
Minnesota MA Only To ensure you will check eligibility for only free payers, make sure Minnesota MA Only is checked.  This selection will check eligibility for Minnesota MA and Minnesota PMAP payers. 
Show inactive payers for client To include a payer EVEN IF the payer is inactive in the Client Module, Payer tab, check this box.
Show cancelled appointments To include canceled appointments check this box, to exclude canceled appointments leave it unchecked.


Unreviewed Only

All:  Will display all eligibility checks

Unreviewed Only:  Will display records that do not have the reviewed checkbox checked

Show appointments


Don't show appointments

Show appointments:  Allows you to search based on upcoming appointments.  Use this filed in conjunction with Appointment dates. 

Don't show appointments: Use this field to display all active clients that have an active payer, whether or not they have an upcoming appointment scheduled.  When Don't Show Appointments is selected, the appointment parameters will be removed from the search and you will not see the Appointment to and from dates.  

Show electronic only

Show all

Show electronic only:  Limits the display to only payers that allow an electronic eligibility check 

Show all:  Displays all payers even if you cannot run an eligibility check for the payer 

Appointment date: Use this section to choose search criteria for upcoming appointments. The date range will default to today’s date through the end of the current month, but it can be changed by using the calendar icons or the Quick Range.  This section will only appears when Show appointments is selected. 

Appointment location

Client default location

Appointment location:  Use this drop down to filter by a specific location.  It will only appears when Show appointments is selected.

Client default location:  Use this drop down to filter by the clients default location (clients module, client tab).   It will only appears when Don't show appointments is selected.


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