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Messaging Module


The Messaging Module allows you to securely send and receive messages from clients, staff and other professionals.  This article will explain the fields and columns that appear in the Messaging Module.


Prior to using the Messaging Module, you will need to Assign Messaging Module permissions

Messaging Module Filters

The two dropdown menus at the top of the Messaging Module filter what you see below in the table view.

  • View: This defaults to Incoming and Outgoing messages.  You are able to change this to show only Incoming or only Outgoing. 
  • Archived Messages: This defaults to Show all messages.  You can filter to Show only archived or to Hide archived.

    Messaging module filters and columns.png

Messaging Module Columns

All columns are sortable. Click on the column name once to sort ascending, and again to sort decending.

  • Date:  Displays the date and time the message was sent
  • To:  Displays the name of the person(s) to whom the message was sent.
  • From:  Displays the name of the person who originated the message.
  • Subject:  Displays the text that was entered into the subject line. 
  • Message:  Displays the first part of what was entered into the message field. 
  • Status:  Displays either Pending, which means your message is still being delivered, or Sent, which means the message has been sent.
  • Attachments:  If there is an attachment, this column will display a paperclip icon with the number of attachments.
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