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Send a Message


Learn how to send a message through the Messaging Module.

Send a New Message

  1. Go to the Messaging Module.
  2. Click Add in the upper right-hand corner. 
  3. To Staff:  Begin to type in the name of the staff you are messaging.
    • A box will appear with names of staff that match (Procentive is searching the Staff Module in your database).
  4. Click on the correct name.
    • The selected name will appear next to the field in a blue oval. If you've selected the wrong staff, use the X in the oval to remove this selection.
    • You can add more than one recipient.

Note: You may have additional recipient options depending on which features you are using in your database.

Other Options:

  • Or staff group:  If you have created staff groups in the Staff Groups Module, you will see these choices listed in the drop down.
  • To Clients:  If you have enabled the Client Portal Messaging feature, you will see this option.
    1. Begin to type out the name of the client you are messaging.
      • A box will appear with the names of clients that match (Procentive is searching for clients that have been invited to Client Portal).
    2. Click on the correct name.
      • If a message is sent to multiple clients, the client will NOT see any other client names.
  • To DIRECT contact:  If you have enabled Direct Messaging, you will see this option.
    1. Type the full address for the direct contact.
      • If a box appears with addresses that match, select the correct address (Procentive searches for direct messaging addresses that have been added into the Contacts Module).
      • If you see Your DIRECT address credentials are not valid..., you will need to validate your credentials in the Staff Module.
  1. Subject: Enter the subject of this message.
  2. Message: Enter the actual message into this field.
  3. Attachments:  (if applicable) Choose one or several attachment options.
  4. Click Send.

Additional Resources

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