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Create a Ticket to Ask for Help


When you have a question or concern from within the Procentive software, ticketing is always the preferred method of communication.  Ticketing allows us to protect PHI and communicate in a HIPAA-compliant fashion. This article will explain how to fill out a ticket.

Create a Support Ticket

  1. Click the Help icon .
    • The ticket window will open.
  2. Enter a Title: Do not place HIPAA sensitive data in this field.
    • You will receive email notifications regarding tickets and the title travels in the email.
  3. Enter the Date due: This is an optional field you can use to manage your tickets.   
  4. Enter a Priority: This priority communicates to Procentive the rate of response this situation needs.  See ticketing priorities.
  5. Status: All new tickets default to New.
    • As you update the ticket and work it to completion, you should change the status to match its current state of progress.
    • When a ticket is resolved, change the status to complete. The system will then enter today’s date in the Date completed field. Note: When you change the status, be sure to click Save. 
  6. Enter a Description: Enter your question and details here.  You can enter HIPAA-sensitive data here.
    • If you are sending this ticket to Procentive Support, please include as much information as possible (which module, Client #, DOS, etc.).
  7. Assigned To: This is the point person on the ticket. Only one user can be assigned to a ticket.
    • To assign the ticket to yourself, choose [self] from the dropdown.
    • To assign the ticket to another staff, type their name in the quick search field, then click tab or . The results will appear in the drop down.
      • You can also assign staff by clicking on the pick list .
      • If you choose to assign the ticket to another staff, your name will be added to the ticket under Staff associated with Ticket.
    • The option [auto-assignment] should only be used for automated responses from Procentive and not selected here.  If your Settings module has a billing coordinator designated, the [auto-assignment] option will send tickets to this individual.


Send To Procentive

  1. If you are sending this ticket to Procentive, Check Send to Procentive.
    • Only select staff at your agency have this function. If you do not have the permission, you should send your ticket to that staff (typically your Procentive Champion). If they cannot address the issue, they can then forward your ticket to Procentive. For more information: see requirements to send a ticket to Procentive.
  2. Click Save

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