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Required Clinical Charting Videos


These videos covers the basic information you will need to know (and want to know) as you begin working with clinical documentation in the Clinical Charting module.  It's important to watch these video to get familiar with Clinical Charting and the options that are available to you in your online forms.  These videos are required for all new customers who will be using clinical documents in Procentive.

Important Note: Please require that all staff working with clinical documentation watch these videos as well. 

Required Videos and Articles

Create a Digital Signature Passwords article This article will explain how to set up your digital signature password.  This is how you will sign your clinical documents. 
How to Document a Service video (8 minutes) This video explains the process of how a client encounter or service should be fully documented in an easy flow.  
Table View Filters video (21 minutes) This video explains the components of table view; the defaulted view you open to in the Clinical Charting Module. Learn how to use the filters at the top and the columns below to locate specific documents. You will also learn how to view your clinical documents using the chart view option. 
Form Features - Part 1 video (11 minutes) Upon opening a clinical document, there are several fields found at the top (Dataset, Template, Effective date, etc.). This video explains how to use these fields.This video also explains the differences between the online view and the print view.
Form Features - Part 2 video (8 minutes) This video explains how to use the Procentive fields and links found at the bottom of each online form (Autosave, Tabs, Show blanks, etc.)
Form Functions video (17 minutes) This video explains the different types of fields that are available in a form along with examples of how you can use them.

Recommended Articles

Using Client Groups and Documenting Group Services   This video (22 min) explains how to create clients groups, modify groups, schedule recurring group appointments, and fully document the group service in an easy flow.
Dataflow & Dataflow Options Learn what Dataflow is and how it can be used
Set up Scanning Scan a clinical document directly into Procentive.  This article will walk you through the set up.
Unable to Save a Clinical Document If you are unable to save a clinical document due to connection loss or session timing out, you can follow these steps to have Procentive restore the data. 
Create a Template Create a pre-filled online form for a commonly used clinical document.

Updates needed:   

Add articles w/definitions: Online Form Features - Defined (anne's notes - look @ student) Form Functions Video. definitions here   &  Online Form Functions

Clinical - Form Templates (in draft)    

Set up Chart View and Chart View (both in draft) add link in Table View Filters - video

Form Features - Part 1     1. Talks about copy feature @ top of the form and says this is useful for updating a tx plan or da

                                                             We should have an additional file that talks about Copy and Dataflow

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