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Procentive Knowledge Hub

Understanding Knowledge Hub Notes


Learn how to decipher notes from standard information within the ProCare Knkowledge Hub.

Understanding Icons

The Knowledge Hub uses icons and notes to set information apart from standard information. 

Standard Note Example

Notes provide helpful information to better your experience.

Important Message Example

Warnings indicate you should proceed with caution. You want to make sure you are reading these throughout the articles. Pertinant information are put in here that could affect your EHR documentation as you are working.

HIPAA Message Example

These tips provide friendly reminders when HIPAA policies could be affected. This is when PHI(Private Health Information) could potentially be shared/visible to others that do not have permission to see it.  This would be considered a HIPPA violation.  An example of this would be saving your Procentive username and password via internet browser.

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