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Add a Commercial Payment


This article will explain how to manually enter and allocate a payment when you receive a paper Explanation of Benefits (EOB), and the electronic remittance advice (ERA) did not come directly into Procentive.
  1.  Go to Payments Module payments.up.gif.
  2. At the top of the screen change the drop-down View to Payments.
  3.  Choose Add addplus.up.jpg
    • The New Payment window will appear.

      new payment window commercial payer
  4. Date Posted: Defaults to todays date.
    • Date can be changed if needed.
  5. Reference: Enter a check number, an EFT #, or anything else that will identify this payment.
  6. Type: Select the type of payment.
  7. Payer: Select the payer you received payment from.
  8. Amount Received: Enter the full amount of the payment. 
  9. Note: Optional.
  10.  Choose Save.
    • A new Payments Window will open, prompting you to begin allocated this money.
  11. Client/Claim: Type in the client's name.
  12. Click Tab on your keyboard.
    • The client's name and number will appear below the search field.
    • If more then one client with the same name is found, use the dropdown arrow_open.gif  after their name to choose a different client. 
    • All unpaid claims for the chosen client will appear on the bottom half of the screen. 

      searching for a client in the payments window
  13. Locate the service line you received payment for.
  14. Choose new to create a new transaction.
    • ​Procentive will apply the reference you just created. If not, choose a payment reference by clicking the drop down arrow sm_down_white.gif in the reference column.
    • Procentive will also default to a transaction type of Payment. If you need to change the type, clicking the drop down sm_down_white.gif in the type column.
  15. Enter the amount of the payment.
  16. Click save.
    • A green SAVED box will appear to indicate the transaction was saved.