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Add and Allocate a Client Payment


You will learn the quickest way to add a client payment and immediately allocate that payment to specific service line(s).
  1.  Go to the Payments Module.
  2.  Click once on the client’s name to highlight it, then click Add addplus.up.jpg
    • A New Payment window will open.

      New payment window from payments module for client payment
  3.  Reference: Enter a check number, EFT #, anything that will identify this payment.
  4.  Type: Select the Type of payment.
  5.  Payer: Select the correct payer option
    • If the client is paying towards a copay, coinsurance or deductible, leave the payer as Copay, Coinsurance, Deductible.
    • If the client is a private pay, select that payer from the dropdown.
      • Private Pay must be on file in the Clients Module, Payer tab to choose this option. 
  6.  Amount Received: Enter the full amount of the payment.
  7.  Notes: This is optional.
  8.  To complete the payment...
    • If you are using the integrated Electronic Client Payment tool, follow the instructions for a One Time Payment in this article:  Use Electronic Client Payment
      • After saving the payment, return to this article to complete the remaining steps below.
    • If you are not using the Electronic Client Payment tool, click Save
  9. Locate the service line to allocate this payment. 
  10. Choose new to create a new transaction
    • A blue box with the payment you just saved will open.

      recently saved payments
  11.  Select the payment.
  12.  Enter the payment amount (for this service) in the box. 

    Enter the amount to save
  13. Click Save. 
    • A green Saved box will appear on this line as confirmation ​
    • If there is a remaining balance on this service line, Procentive will prompt you for an adjusting entry.
      • If you would like to adjust off the difference, choose save to record the adjustment.
      • If you would like to change the transaction type of this adjustment, clicking on the down arrow to the right of adjustment.
      • Or, if you would like to cancel this prompt,  simply refresh your screen.
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