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Allocate a Payment (Credit) From a Closed Period


Explains how to allocate a payment when the period the payment was previously saved in has been closed in the Accounting Module.


When you close a period in the Accounting Module, payments that were posted in that period become locked/frozen.  If the payment has unallocated credits, these credits are converted to a transaction type of credit. If you need to allocate these credits you will need a new payment reference to do so.

Allocate Credits from a Closed Month

  1. Click Payments Module
  2. Double-click the client you need to bill for.
    • ​A new window will open.
  3. Find the Date of Service (DOS) you are applying the payment to.


  4. On that bill line, click the new link.

    new link

  5. Click Create new payment...

    new payment

  6. The payment add-window will appear. 

  7. Enter your details: 
    • Date posted: Enter in today's date.
    • Reference: Enter Apply Credit in the text box.
    • Type: Choose the type you want.
    • Payer: Choose the payer from the drop down.
    • Amount received: Put 0 in the text box.
    • Notes: Add in any notes as you wish.
  8. Click Save.
    • You will see Apply Credit in the reference column for this line.
  9. In the Transaction Type column, click the down arrow down arrow (to the right of Payment) to change the type. 
  10. Choose Credit.  ​

    • The apply credit window will appear.

      apply credits
  11. Find the payment you want to allocate.
  12. In the Use column, enter in the amount you want to apply to this DOS.
  13. Click Done.
    • The apply credit window will close.
    • The amount will appear in the Amount field.
  14. Click Save.
    • You will see a green SAVED box.
    • You should see the balance due decrease for the given DOS.
  15. If there is a remaining balance on this service line, Procentive will prompt you for an adjusting entry.
    • If you would like to adjust off the difference, choose save to record the adjustment.
    • If you would like to change the transaction type of this adjustment, clicking on the down arrow to the right of adjustment.
    • Or, if you would like to cancel this prompt,  simply refresh your screen.
  16. You did it! You are done.
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