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Product Updates 2016-03-01

New Features 

Client Module 
  • The Program now displays on the authorization line in the Client Dashboard.
  • Added Both Deceased to the drop down options in Misc tab, Parents' Martial Status field. 
  • Added Billboard to the drop down options in Misc tab, Choose Referral Source field. 
  • Renamed Referral Type to Admissions Referral Type, AND added a second referral type field called Discharge Referral Type in the Programs/Groups tab within the dates link. Create custom referral types by clicking on the link in that window called Edit Referral Types.
Clinical Charting Module 
  • Hover over the attachment symbol (paperclip), a popup will show the staff that made the attachment, the date it was attached, and the name of the attached file. 
Home Module 
  • Staff documents saved in the Documents Module can now be added to the staff dashboard. 
Reports Module
  • Report Appointment Status Summary (3410): Can now be exported to Excel.
  • Report Intake Detail (3150): Now sort by the client's default location.
  • Report Collections (1030): Now access the client module from within the report by clicking on the Client Info link under the client's name.  
  • Report Appointment Call List (3010): now will display the Date Created. 
  • Report Client Admissions (3500): Now displays the client's primary payer. 
  • Report Program date Information (3570): Now filter by Admissions Referral and Discharge Referral. Also, now display the client's Primary Payer.
  • Report Staff's Clients (6120): Includes a checkbox to display all the Associated Programs for the client. 
  • Report Hours Grid (6020): Can now be exported to Excel.




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