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Product Updates 2016-04-01

New Features 

Appointments Module  
  • Added No-Shows/Late Cancels options to the Info Panel tallies the late cancels and no-shows for the client in the last 365 days. 
  • Added a link to invite to client portal which will only display until the client has been invited.
Payers Module  
  • Added Eligibility NPI and HIPAA Taxonomy fields in the payers module, IDs tab  only for checking eligibility.  
Billing Module  
  • Added Expected Charge field in the report window for Service Lines Unable to Bill. 
Client Portal  
  • The Appointment Change Log will show that the client canceled via portal, and show date and time they canceled. 
Reports Module 
  • ERA Breakdown Report (1470): Can now be exported to Excel.
  • General Productivity Report (8030): Will now group by Code Type. Added field to display Client Policy ID and Client Phone.
  • Appointment Status Summary (NEW) (3410): Displays subtotals in Show Summary Info Only based on the chosen Group By field.  This option excludes client specific data and shows subtotal lines only. 
  • Intake Detail (3150): now allows multiple payers to be selected. 
  • Inactive Clients (3140): Now displays Next Appointment and Client DOB. 
  • Procentive Statements (3560): Added a filter called "Client Status" to run statements for active only, inactive only, or both. Also, added a checkbox to Suppress Staff Name from printed statement. 
  • Number of Clients Served (3280): Can now break out results by Client's Zip Code and display client's city and state. 
  • Appointment Information (3610): Display results in military time or standard time.
  • Caseload (3020): Added Program filter. 
  • Service Lines with Missing Notes (2030): Can now be exported to Excel.
  • Staff's Clients (6120): Now defaults to exclude the client's associated programs.
  • Billing and Payments by Period (1330): Now breakout by client group.
  • Invoice Breakdown (1380): Now includes units. 
  • Payroll (6040): Can now be exported to Excel. 

Bug Fixes 

Appointments Module  
  • The Hide Cancelations checkbox will no longer remove Requested Appointments from client portal.
Workflow Module  
  • The client search will now find all clients by client number.
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