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Product Updates 2017-01-05

New Features

Workflow Definitions Module
  • A new Client-type Workflow trigger will allow you to create projects based on a client's program start or stop dates. 
Reports Module
  • Appointment Call List (3010): Will now display the appointment's most recent Date Modified.
  • Client Admissions (3500): Now displays the client's Time Admitted. 
  • Caseload reports (3020 & 3030): Now includes a checkbox for Primary Staff Only. 
  • Intake Detail (3150): The staff who created the client is now included on this report.
  • Supervisor Details (6230): Now includes a filter for Active, Inactive, or All staff.
  • Client Portal Report (2095): Will now display the date and last staff to modify the credential.  There is a third option in the Registered Column "Declined" as well as the Yes and No options previous. 
  • Duration of Service (3370): The client number displayed on the report is now a link to open the client module. 
  • Billed Item search (1010): The Payment Date (posting date) is now a field to display. 
  • Appointment Information (3610): Will now filter by active or inactive client status. 
  • Payment List (1270): Will now export to excel. 
  • Appointments Without Service Lines (1300): Now includes a checkbox to view results for My Supervisees. 
  • Client Verification (short): The client current balance will now display on this report. 
Kiosk Window
  • Client Kiosk window now has a Select All box to check all available forms to send. You can uncheck any which do not apply if needed.


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