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Product Updates 2018-07-11

New Features

Appointments Module
  • Appointment Add window: A new layout displays the main appointment information at the top of the window, so you can add a new appointment with fewer clicks. [Appointment Module Updates]
  • Resources: You now add a resource to an appointment using the Resources tab within the Appointment Add window. 
Billing Module
  • Billing Add window: When you select filters in the Billing Add window, you will now need to click the Apply button in order to update the Payer table and amounts to be billed according to your selected filters. 
Payments Module
  • Payments Window: You can now archive a note you've added on a billed Date of Service (DOS) line.
Settings Module (new Billing Module setting)
  • Settings Module, Billing tab: A new field, "Default filter on billing add window," allows you to select a default number of days to display in the Billing Module, Billing Add window (This will improve the Billing Add window load speed.) The Start Date can be changed as needed at the time of billing. 
Workflow Definitions Module
  • New Client Type Trigger: Form missing after program start date. This trigger looks to the Client Module, Programs/Groups tab, 'dates' link, start date field. If the form selected for the workflow definition is not created within a select number of days after the start date of the identified program, a workflow notification will be sent to add the form. 

Bug Fixes

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