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Product Updates 2018-08-08

New Features

Ticketing Module

A new layout and added features in Tickets make it easier for you to send tickets to Procentive Support and to staff within your agency. Please see the list below for what's changed:

  • All new tickets will default to medium priority.
  • After a ticket has been created the Title and Descriptions field are locked to new changes. Upgraders retain their ability to update the Title.
  • Completed tickets will be archived after 40 days. Once archived, a ticket can no longer be edited but can still be viewed. 
  • The "Staff associated with Ticket", "Waiting On", and "Add staff to Ticket" fields have all been combined into a single field "Associated/Waiting on".
  • A search box has been added that will search Knowledge Hub and open the search results in a new window.
  • If a new comment has been typed but not added to the ticket, clicking the Save button triggers a warning that the comment is not added to the ticket.
  • At the top of the comments section within a ticket, a link has been added that shows the number of new comments. Clicking that link will automatically scroll the comments down to the new comment(s).
  • The header of all new comments will flash until the ticket window is closed and re-opened.
  • Attachments to comments can be removed/deleted.

The following updates apply only to tickets that have been upgraded (sent) to Procentive (permission required):

  • Once upgraded, the ticket will show which staff upgraded the ticket along with the date and time it was upgraded. 
  • The Date Due and Date Complete fields will be locked to changes.
  • If a ticket was upgraded in error or no longer requires Procentive Support, the Procentive Care Team has the ability to "downgrade" the ticket. A ticket that has been downgraded can be upgraded again, if needed.
Settings Module
  • In the Setup Tab under the Kiosk section, new settings allow a default increase to text size on a kiosk that is setup on an iPad or other tablet device. (Permission required)

Bug Fixes

Time Module
  • For residential services, the Change Time Window > Edit Days link now prevents all days from being deleted. If trying to delete the only remaining day an error will be displayed directing the user to the Residential Calendar.

Additional Resources

VIDEO: Ticketing Updates

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