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Product Updates 2018-09-19

New Features

General Updates
  • We are upgrading our system's handling of passwords in preparation of adding increased security controls. Our Engineering Team was able to limit the impact this change will have on your staff's time and effort but some staff may still be asked to reset their password at their next login.
  • Staff Dashboard: Now includes clients the staff are associated with, but not primary for, on their Staff Dashboard.
  • Staff Picklists: Added staff's full credentials after their name in all staff picklists. Credentials are located in the Staff Module > Role Tab.
Appointments Module
  • Filters: Added a check-box to include inactive staff in the Staff drop-down.
  • New Appointment, Quick Add: Added a field for client's Preferred Name.
  • Info Panel, Client Scheduling Notes: Notes from the Clients Module, Notes Tab now display from newest to oldest. Info panel must be configured to display Client Scheduling Notes.
  • Info Panel: Added a link for Client Portal Manager. Info panel must be configured to display the Client Portal Manager link.
Clients Module
  • Contacts Tab: Added a column for Mobile Phone. Mobile Phone is located in the Contacts Module.
  • Staff Tab: Added each staff's full credentials after their name. Credentials are located in the Staff Module > Role Tab.
Client Groups Module
  • Client Group, Print View: Added a column for Client DOB. Client DOB is located in the Clients Module.
Faxes Module
  • Attach fax to clinical document: Added a search box to filter/search the list of forms for the selected client.
Reports Module
  • Report 3340, Client Groups: Added totals to show how many clients are included in each group.
  • Report 1215, Pending Authorization Amounts: Added a filter for Client Status that allows you to report only active clients, only inactive clients, or both active and inactive clients.
  • NEW Report 3035, Staff and Programs for Clients: Added a new report that shows the staff and programs associated with each client in the Clients Module.
Settings Module
  • Setup Tab, Appointments section: Added a new embed tag for client appointment reminders that allows you to include the phone number of the appointment location.

Bug Fixes

  • Staff Picklists: When using any staff picklist to select a staff, searches within the picklist now respect the "Show inactive" setting. 
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