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Procentive Knowledge Hub

Product Updates 2018-11-27

New Features

General Updates
  • The password field in the Staff Module has been renamed -- Auto-fill features and password managers should no longer recognize this field.
Appointments Module
  • When adding/reviewing an appointment, client notes will now display from newest to oldest. 
Clinical/Charting Module
  • When using the batch change feature a "review all" link has been added for group notes.  
Payments Module
  • New filters for payer and date posted have been added to View: Payments.
Reports Module
  • Report 1370 Payments Breakdown: "Client Number" has been added as a "Group by" option.
  • Report 3530 Random Client Retriever: New option has been added to run report for a specified percentage of clients. 
Ticketing Module
  • Link to "Mass Associate" staff has been added to tickets. This new feature allows you to associate entire groups of staff at the same time, based on a staff group or staff's role.

Bug Fixes

Appointments Module
  • Better handling of multiple edits to a recurring appointment.
Reports Module
  • Report 1160 Service lines billed for a code: Updated to handle multiple codes with the same number.
Ticketing Module
  • Tickets that have not been upgraded to Procentive will no longer archive after 40 days.
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