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Product Updates 2019-01-22

Be sure to check out Procentive staff's favorite new features, as denoted by this icon: star_icon_favorites.png

New Features

General Updates
  • New setting (Settings Module > Setup Tab > Miscellaneous section) allows you to turn off pop-up receipts for client payments. star_icon_favorites.png
  • Checkbox added for new payments to control pop-up receipt for that payment only.
  • For client payments the default payment type is now "Credit Card" (CMS Credit Card Processing only).
Appointments Module
  • New permission which allows staff to see the details of private appointments.
  • Quick Add feature: Now includes a field for diagnosis (based on permissions).
  • Quick Add feature: Field for Parent/Guardian has been added.
Billing Module
  • Added a DOS link (to the Change Time Window) for the error "There is no admission line that matches the service line". star_icon_favorites.png
Clients Module
  • [Choose...] is now the default option for "Marital Status" and "Gender"  when adding a new client.
  • Client Dashboard now displays the ticket status (when configured).
  • Added "dates" link to Client Groups. At this time, these fields are display only. star_icon_favorites.png
Eligibility Module
  • Errors returned by Availity are now in a readable format. star_icon_favorites.png
Reports Module
  • NEW Report 1561: Similar to Report 1560, this new report allows for multiple grouping options (CMS Credit Card Processing only).
  • Report 2070: Added client number.
  • Report 3010: Now includes "preferred name".
  • Report 3100 & Report 3400 now include the specific race selected in the Clients Module > "specify race" link.
  • Report 3400: Add Clients Module > Client Tab > "Gender Identity" field as an option to display.
  • Report 3550: Added filter for client/contact relationship status (active/inactive).
  • Report 3680: Added filter for specific client(s). star_icon_favorites.png
  • Report 6190: Added filters for staff status, client status, and payer status (active/inactive).
Time Module
  • Service Line > Diagnosis > Change: Now includes the "Staff" field. 


  • The Clients Module > Client (main) Tab > Race: Options have been updated to remove Hispanic as a race and prevent any race from being checked if "Declined to Specify" is checked.
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