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Product Updates 2019-05-29

Be sure to check out Procentive staff's favorite new features, as denoted by this icon: star_icon_favorites.png

New Features

Clients Module
  • Minnesota MA authorizations will error if not exactly 11 digits, as required by MA, to help prevent data entry errors. star_icon_favorites.png
  • Fields for "CMHRS Sub-population" and "County of Financial Responsibility" are no longer required billing fields. 
Client Portal
  • Availability at inactive locations is no longer an option for clients to self-schedule appointments, regardless of availability. star_icon_favorites.png
Faxes Module
  • Added disclaimer for time zone.
  • Report 3130: Added option to include ICD9 diagnoses. All ICD9 diagnoses are now excluded by default.
  • Report 3180: Added option to excludepreferred name for clients. 
  • Report 5370: Updated per state requirements for 2019.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved escaping for clients with a ' in the last name for specific group notes.

The following enhancements can only be seen and accessed by Procentive Staff. Please do not use on any client databases unless directed:

  • TROV-653: Updated list of Therascribe datasets to display only the available options.
  • TROV-1301: New button in Billing Module > Add Window for "Audit Ready Only".
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