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Send Mass Notification to Clients With Future Appointments


Within the Appointments Module, there is an option to send out a mass notification to clients with scheduled appointments. This is designed for cases of staff illness/emergency or when the office must close unexpectedly, and you need to communicate this change to scheduled clients.

Settings Module

  1. Go to the Settings Module > Setup tab. 
  2. Locate the Appointments section.
  3. Confirm that there is an email address entered in the field Reply e-mail for client appointment notifications (required).


  4. If this field is empty:
    • Enter a staff email or general agency email that can be used as the sending/reply email for client appointment emails.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Change.
    • Log off and log back in to Procentive.

Appointments Module

  1. Go to the Appointments Module. 
  2. In the filters at the top, click on the blue Send Mass Notification.
    • A mass notification window will appear.
  3. Complete the notification message (up to 160 characters, spaces included).
  4. Choose the parameters for who should receive the email (Location, Staff, and Date of appointment).


  5. Click OK.
    • The window will update to review which clients may receive the message and the method by which they will receive the message. 


  • The client does not need to be set up to receive appointment notifications to receive the mass notification. However, they do need to have a contact listed for whatever method is selected by which to reach them (a mobile phone number for Method: SMS, an email address for Method: E-Mail).
  • If the client does not have an email or a phone number on file, it will alert you to this with a red NONE. You will need to reach these clients by another means than the mass notification.



  1. Click Submit.
    • The window will update to let you know the messages have been sent.

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