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Allow Access to ProAnalytics


The ability to see and access the ProAnalytics Module is permissions-based. This article shows how to give staff permission to access the ProAnalytics Module.

Allow A Staff Role to Access ProAnalytics


You must have permission to make these changes. If you cannot open the Staff Change window or the Edit Role link in the steps below, this means you do not have permission to do this.  You will need to ask a Champion from your agency to give you permission.

  1. Go to the Staff Module.
  2. Double click on a staff line (where it is not a blue link).
    • ​The Change Staff window will open.
  3. Go to the Role Tab.
  4. To the right of the Role field at top, click on the blue Edit Roles link.
  5. A window will appear with the different roles on the left (1) and the list of permissions in the center (2).
  6. Once you are in this window, you are now viewing (and changing) roles for all staff, not necessarily the one staff you chose. 

  7. Highlight the role on the left you want to change.

    To the right of the role, in parentheses, displays the number of staff with this role. Any change you make will affect all staff with this role.

  8. Type "ProAnalytics" in the search for modules text box (top middle)
  9. Click the checkbox by Access to the ProAnalytics Module

  10. Click Change Role.
  11. Close the window.
  12. In order for staff to see these changes, they will need to log off of Procentive and log back in again.

This permission allows all staff with that same Procentive role to see the ProAnalytics Module.
Staff will only be able to use ProAnalytics if they have been added as a ProAnalytics user in the ProAnalytics Admin Console a day or more prior.

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