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Commissions: How to Generate Report


Creating a report in the Commissions Module allows you to pull the data based on the staff and services they've provided in which they now need to be paid. This report generates data based on the payment information that has been updated and once saved, will display all commissions as of that moment in time.


Prior to creating your first commission report, confirm that you have the proper Setup for Commissions

Create the Report

  1. Go to the Commissions Module.
  2. Click Add.
    • A new window will appear showing the staff and commissions information.

      commissions window1032017.png
  3. Click Save.

    Note: You must click the save button before the system will allow you to print the report. Each report you create will only show commissions based off of payments posted since the last moment in time that you created a report.

Print the Report

  1. Locate created report in the Commissions Module
  2. Double click to open.
  3. Check the box Use Client Num on Report.

    commissions window use cl number1032017.png

  4. Click the printer icon

Important: You must print this report on the same day you intend to pay your staff.

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