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Commissions: How to Read Report


This article will provide detailed information regarding the commission report generated from the Commissions Module.

Generate Report

For instructions on how to generate the report see this Knowledge Hub article: Generate a Commissions Report

Read the Report

  • Locate a created report and double-click to open.
  • The report will include information between the day you run the report and the last run of the report
  • The totals for each staff member can be seen in each row.
  • Click the black triangle (to the left of the staff name) to view details for each client.
  • The report includes all service lines associated with the staff that have received, adjusted, or written off a payment.

    Commissions expanded window 10042017.png

Column Heading Description
Staff Only staff members who have a commissions percentage and DOS that have received, adjusted or written off a payment since the last commission report will appear.
Reference/Client If a check is cut to pay the commission to the staff person based on this report, a check reference number can be entered here. The client name will appear in this column only after clicking on the black triangle to the left of the staff name.
Locations The location saved on the service line will appear if applicable.
Program The program saved on the service line will appear if applicable.
Date The date of service from the service line for this client.
Code The code (CPT codes) selected on the service line.
Units The number of units from the service line.
Rate The rate for the service.
Billed The amount billed for the service. This number can be different from the rate if multiple payers have been billed for the same service line.
Adjustment If any adjustments have been entered in the Payments Module, they will appear here.
Write-Off If any write-offs have been entered in the Payments Module, they will appear here.
  If you have multiple custom write off fields, each will appear in a column.
Collected Amount(s) from 3rd party, government, and private payers. Think of this as total collected over all time for the service lines in the given commissions report. This includes amounts collected in the past, and amounts collected in the future. Takebacks will be reflected in this total. 
Outstanding Shows any total amount remaining to be paid, adjusted or written off for this service line.
Commission This is the amount you pay your staff. It shows the amount of the commission generated from this service line since the last commission report. In other words, the amount of the commission from this service line that will be paid in this check.
Basis This is the payment amount that is the basis for the Commission amount. So if the staff’s commission percentage is 50-percent, then the Basis X .50, should equal the amount in the Commission column.
Other Commissions Paid All other commissions paid for this service line, including past and future payments.
Uncollected Commission A total amount of commission that could still be collected for this service line ASSUMING that the full outstanding amount is paid.


  • Any billing, payment or adjustment column in this report will change over time, as more bills, payments and adjustments are associated to a given service line.
  • The only lines that never change are the Commission and Basis columns.

Read the Commissions Detail Report

  • By clicking on the detail link to the far right, the below report will appear.

    Commissions details link 10042017.png


All information in this report is not necessarily based on the information that was available as of the date you created the commission report. Rather, it is based on the information available as of the date the detail report is opened. THEREFORE, this report ALWAYS shows a full and up-to-date history of the invoices, payments and commissions related to the service line – as of the moment you open the detail report.

commissions detail report 10042017.png


  • Invoice Line Item History:  Shows data related to invoices that have been created and are associated with this service line. It also shows any payments, adjustments, etc.
  • Payment History:  Shows all payments associated with the service line, including the invoice number, the payment reference number, and the date the payment was entered into the system.
  • Commission History:  Shows any commissions created for this service line. The dates in this section are associated with the dates each commission report was created. 

Additional Resources

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