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Report 3560 Client Statements


Report 3560 Procentive Statements allows you to create and customize your client statements. This article will explain the options you have in this report. You can find this report in the Reports Module.

Note:  We recommend running Report 1290 Credits Due Report and applying all unallocated credits prior to running client statements. 

Client Statement

KHUB 3560 Report January 7 2018.png


Search Field Description
Client Leave this field blank to run statements for all clients. Or enter a specific client into the Quick Search field and click the Quick Search button arrow.forward.jpg.
Client Status Filter the statements based on the client's current active status.
Locations In most cases, this should be left at [all]. If a specific location is chosen, only the services for a client associated with the selected location will appear on the statement.
Statement Period Procentive will show statement details from this date range.

Best Practice
The report defaults to select a start date that is the first day of the previous month, and an end date of today (whatever the current day is). This is how we recommend running the report. This will create a reasonable overlap from one month’s statement to the next. We also suggest running statements the same day each month, preferably between the 1st and 10th of the month.

Statement Due Enter your choice for due date here.
Exclude statements with balance less than This field defaults to $5. If you leave it this way, Procentive will not run statements for clients that have a balance due that is less than $5. You can decrease this amount if you choose.
Instructions Enter any special instructions here. They appear on the statement near the top. Example: PAYMENT DUE UPON RECEIPT.
Past Due notice Enter any past due notice here. This notice will appear on the statement near the top. Example: This statement is PAST DUE.
Company Name In most cases, this should be left at the default: Settings Module.
Company Address In most cases, this should be left at the default: Settings Module
Company Name Customize as needed. For instance, if you need a different company name, such as a DBA name, to appear on statements, enter it here. 
From Attn Customize as needed.
From Phone Customize as needed.
From Address Customize as needed.
Show all lines, regardless of dates Choose this option when you want the statement to show everything, for all dates of service. Most likely, you would only choose this option when one specific client is making a request.
Only show past due statements Choose this option and Procentive will only display statements that are past due.
Show detail on lines that are past due, that are outside the statement date range

Choose this option and Procentive will display all the details on service lines that are past due or outside the statement date range. If you do not select this option, then any past due amount or amount due from outside the date range, will simply show up as Balance Forward.

This is more of a preference here, and it will make your statements longer, but we recommend choosing this option when running statements. It will provide your clients with details on the services where they have a past due balance.

Credit cards Put a check next to any credit card that you except for payment:
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express
Exclude clients that have a credit card on file Choose this option to exclude clients that have a credit card on file in the Clients Module > Misc tab > Credit Card on File 
Save a copy of these statements in the Client module Enter a check here only if you have reviewed the statements and know you want to save a copy of the statement in the Client module -> Client tab. This will also save a copy of the client's statement to the Client Portal (if your agency is using Client Portal)

Best Practice
Prior to saving a copy in the Clients module, we recommend you run statements to confrim they are what you need. Once confirmed, select the checkbox to save a copy to the Client module and run again by clicking Display.   

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