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Report 6320 Staff Access Report


The 6320 report will show which clients a given staff had accessed over a time frame. This report may be used support HIPAA compliance.

Assign Permission 

You will first need to assign permission for this report by editing the applicable roles.  If you are not familiar with editing staff roles, please review this support article:  Change Permissions (Edit a Role).

Run Report

  1. Go to Reports Module.
  2. In the Search box at the top, enter 6320.
    • This will narrow your report results.
  3. Click Staff Access Report.
    • This will open a search window.

      6320 report window.jpg
  4. Date Range: Enter a date range.
    • No more than 90 days.
  5. Staff: Click on the picklist pick list.png.
  6. Click on the staff name.
    • This report can only be ran for one staff at a time.
  7. Clients: Leave this field blank (or open) to select all clients.
    • To choose a specific client, click on the picklist pick list.png, then choose a client.
  8. Click Display button.
    • A new window will open to display the results

Read the Results

6320 report results.jpg

Date Done Time Done Staff Client Activity In Activity Type
Date the staff accessed the record Time the staff accessed the record Name of the staff that accessed the record Client name and number that was accessed Where the record was accessed What action was done within the record
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