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Report MHIS data to Minnesota DHS


The State of Minnesota will accept a batch file from Procentive to report MHIS (Mental Health Information System).  This article will explain the process in Procentive.

Collect Data

P10-1009 MHIS Reporting 2018 is the clinical document that should be used to collect 2018 data.

Note:  The State of Minnesota made substantial changes in 2017, which have resulted in Procentive creating a new form and a new report beginning Jan. 1, 2018. Users are now required to use the following:

  • P10-1009 MHIS Reporting 2018
  • Report 5581

Assign Report Permission

Assign the permission below by editing the applicable roles.  If you are not familiar with editing staff roles, please review this support article: Change Permissions (Edit a Role).

permission for report 5581 6-13-2018.png

Generate Batch File

  1. Click on Reports Module.
  2. Enter MHIS in the search box at the top.
  3. Choose 5581 (MHIS) Mental Health Information System report.
    • The report seach window will open.

      mhis 03-09-2018.png
  4. Using the Quick Range, select This Half Year or Last Half Year.
  5. Select the applicable program(s) or choose [All]
  6. Make the appropriate selection in the Show Only Audit Ready Forms field.  
  7. Click Display.
    • The report will open in a new window.
  8. Scroll down past the report data until you see Electronic data
  9. Click on the link download file to send to state
    • A comma delimited text file will download to your computer.
    • This is the file you will upload to the state site. 

Process at State Site

  1. Log onto MHIS.
  2. Select the Upload option.

    MHIS upload file to state site 3-13-18.png
  3. Follow the upload instructions below

    MHIS file upload process 3-13-2017.png
    • The tab titled Upload status will provide a status
      • You want to see  "Upload is complete File has been saved"
      • If you receive error messages, correct the errors and resubmit file with a new filename.

        MHIS correct errors 3-13-18.png

Important Note:  If you are unable to resolve errors, please create a help ticket and include the following information

  • Choose the Down Load Errors to Excel option on the MHIS site and upload that Excel file to the ticket. 
  • Tell us which criteria you selected when running the MHIS Report

    mhis 03-09-2018.png


  • For July-Dec data collection, the report is due by January 31st
  • For Jan-June data collection, the report is due by July 31st
  • To request an extension, email: They ask that you provide agency name, NPI, programs reported and reason for extension.
  • You can submit multiple reports to the state; however, they ask that you change the file name each time.
  • If you need assistance, please reference MHIS Technical Assistance

HIPAA Tip:  Delete this file from your desktop after successfully uploading

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