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Run Reports


Running reports is simple. There are many report types including daily billing reports, staff production, invoices, billed item, original billings.

Run a Report

  1. Click the Reports Module.
  2. Find the report that you would like to run. 
  3. Click the report name on the report you wish to run.
  4. Use the search filters (date ranges, drop downs, and pick lists) to select the necessary information for what you are trying to accomplish.
    • Some report may also have a fields sections on the right side of the window, in these reports you can choose which fields to display on the report.

      Report 1380 Example.jpg
  5. Click Display. This will open a new window with the report you just pulled.

    Report 1380 Display.jpg

Note: Many Reports have an Excel feature, which allow you to export to Excel.

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