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Determine Who Added a Service Line


For the most part, staff will add their own service lines. Permissions can also be set up so that staff are only able to add and view their own service lines. However, it’s possible that another staff (a biller, for example) will need to add or change a service line. In such cases, it is helpful to be able to keep track of who has added or edited a specific date of service.
  1. Go to the Time Module.
  2. Locate the client and date of service (DOS) in question.
  3. Click on the Date of Service (DOS) link in the far left under the Date column.
  4. Click the change log link.
    • A new window will open that shows the Service Line Change Log.

      service line


Note: The first action listed will be who added the service line and when. The change log will also show if staff have made any changes to the service line at any point.

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