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Error: Blank


Changes to a service line prior to billing should be done from the Time Module, by editing the original service line. A service line with an error will display a black note icon in the Error column in the Time Module. If you hover your mouse over the black note icon, it will explain what the error is. Service lines with errors cannot be billed until the error has been removed.

The Error Is Blank


A blank error means that the client’s service line is part of a group service line, and there is an error on a client listed earlier in the group. If one client in a group receives an error, then all the following clients will have a blank error note. This is because Procentive’s error check stops at that identified error; the system is unable to continue the error check on subsequent clients in the group. Rather than allow these service lines to queue for billing with possible undetected errors, the system assigns them a blank error.

You will not be able to bill the client's service line with the blank error until the the erroring client's service line (from the group) is resolved. 

Add more later on Permissions... saving incomplete service lines.

Resolving Error(s)

  1. Go to the Time Module.
  2. Locate the group and take note of all clients that are a part of that group. 
  3. Hover over the black note icons to identify which notes contain a reason in the Error column and which contain a blank note.​
  4. To edit this group, double-click on one of the service lines (anywhere that is not a blue link).
    • The original group service window will open.
    • Resolve any errors.​​
      • Helpful Hint:  Click on the client's name to edit information in the clients record (i.e. add payer or authorization).  
  5. Click Save.
  6. Verify all black note icons are now gone.