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Error: The Payer Does Not Allow This Unit Fraction

Error Message

The payer does not allow this unit fraction.


This error will appear in the Time Module on a service line when the units entered are partial units and the payer setup does not allow the unit fraction.


  1. Go to the Payers  Module.
  2. Double-click to open the desired payer.
  3. Click Payer Rules tab.
  4. Unit Rules set to [default].
    • The defaults are based on payer.
      • For Commercial & Medicare payers, the default is whole units.
      • For Medicaid, the default is half units.
      • For County payers, the default is quarter units.
    • Units Rule may be changed if your contract with the payer allows a unit fraction other than the default.

  5. If changes are made, click Save.

Important Note: Once the cause of an error has been resolved, the original service line must be re-saved in the Time Module by double-clicking on the service line anywhere that is not a blue link (i.e. staff's name) to open and clicking Save once again. If the cause of the error has been resolved then the error will no longer appear in the Time Module.

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