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Error: The Rate for This Service is Zero

Error Message

The rate for this service is zero.


This error will appear in the Time Module on a service line when Procentive is unable to find a rate for the code selected in any of the client's payers.


  1. Go to the Payers Module.
  2. Double-click to open the desired payer.
  3. Go to the Rates tab.
  4. Click on each of the sub-tabs to determine where your codes and rates have been entered. Most commonly the Program/Codes, Credentials, or Codes sub-tabs are used.
    • Program/Codes: the program on the service line must be listed along with the code from the service line with a rate.
    • Credentials: the staff on the service line will need to have a billing credential setup in the Staff module > Role tab > Credentials (billing) field. This credential must be listed in this payer's credentials sub-tab with the code and rate. 
    • Hint: Hover your mouse over the code to see the name of the code. If the code number and name is not the same as the code number and name on the service line this is considered to be a different code.
  5. If changes are made, click Save.

Important Note: Once the cause of an error has been resolved, the original service line must be re-saved in the Time Module by double-clicking on the service line anywhere that is not a blue link (i.e. staff's name) to open and clicking Save once again. If the cause of the error has been resolved then the error will no longer appear in the Time Module.