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Setting: Pre-Select Diagnoses Codes


Your agency may choose to have the client's diagnoses pre-selected (or highlighted) in the Time Add Window for staff when they are adding billable service lines. This article will explain how to adjust this setting in Procentive.

Time Add Window - Individual

In this example all diagnoses are highlighted or pre-selected. 

Time Add Window Pre selected diagnoses.jpg


Where to Change These Settings

  1. Click on the Settings Module
  2. Click on the Setup tab.
  3. Scroll down to locate the Time Entry section.
  4. Make the appropriate selections for both Time(New) pre-select diagnoses individual and Time(New) pre-select diagnoses group .

    settings preselect diagnosis in time.jpg
    • Choose Yes if you would like all diagnoses selected.
    • Choose No if you do not want any of the diagnoses selected. 
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the window and click Change.
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