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Sign Up For The ProCare User Community


Have access to real Procentive users in your industry who can help answer industry-related questions and provide ideas and solutions. This article will take you to the ProCare User Community website page and walk you through how to sign up.
  1. Click on this link to access the website:  ProCare User Community.
  2. Click    in the upper right hand corner.
    • A new window will open.
  3. Enter your Email Address.

  4. Click Create new account.
    • If an account already exists for this email, you will not see Create new account, instead you will be prompted to enter a password
  5. Enter your Name.
  6. Click Sign up.              
  7. Click on your name in the upper right.
  8. Choose User profile.

  9. In the Security section, enter a Password.
  10. Enter that same password in Repeat Password.

  11. Click Save.

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