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Add a Staff to Procentive


When a new staff member needs access to Procentive, you will need to set up a new account for them. This article contains basic instructions on how to add them to Procentive using the Staff Module.

Add New Staff to Staff Module

  1. Go to Staff Module.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Enter Staff's First Name and Last Name.

    Staff Name.png
  4. Select Gender.

  5. Enter Position
    • Example: Administrative Assistant, Counselor, Biller, etc.

  6. Enter their E-Mail.

  7. Enter a User Name
    • Use this format: first letter of their first name and full last name (eg. Todd Jones = tjones)

Important Note:

  • Please do not enter anything other than this into the User Name text field
  • If the staff has a hyphenated last name you may enter in the hyphen
  • If another staff has the same username, use a middle initial to differentiate (eg. tdjones)
  1. Enter a temporary Password of 1234abcd.

  2. Set Require Password Change on next logon to Yes.

  3. Click the Role tab.
  4. Select a Role from the drop-down menu.

  5. Select the staff's Type.

    • Therapy/Counseling:  Assign to staff that will be meeting with clients for services.
    • Administration:  Assign to staff that will not be meeting with clients for services.
    • Administration (Time tracking allowed):  Assign to staff that will not be meeting with clients for services, but will be adding service lines in the Time Module.
      • eg. Track PTO, Supervision, or create a generic bill.

Important Note:  If a staff's Type is set to one of the Administration options, that staff will always have the option to see All staff's clients in the Clients Module - regardless of any other permissions. Set Type to Therapy/Counseling to remove the option of All in drop-downs and limit staff's access to only their clients.

  1. Click Locations tab (if applicable) and associate needed locations.
  2. Click Programs tab (if applicable) and associate needed programs.
  3. Click Save.
    • At this point the staff will now be able to login and use Procentive. 

Note:  Additional fields may be completed if desired/needed, such as hire date, phone numbers, billing information (NPI), or supervision needs.

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