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Change Your Challenge Question For Your Digital Signature Password


When attempting to change your signing password in Procentive, you will be asked the answer to a challenge question that was previously set up.  Learn how to change this challenge question and the response.
  1. Go to the Settings Module.
  2. Click on the Password tab.

    change challenge question for digital signature passowrd.png
  3. Click change next to the challenge question.
    • ​A new window will open

      new challenge question and response window.png

  4. Enter the answer to your previous challenge question in Old Challenge Response.
    • The question shows here is parentheses.
  5. New Challenge:  Enter a new question.
  6. New Response:  Enter the answer to that question.
  7. Click Change.
    • The screen will return to the setting screen and the new question should now appear.

In order to change your digital signature password, you need to enter the answer to the challenge question, to verify it's you.

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