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Locate Inactive Staff


When a staff is made inactive they will no longer appear in the staff drop down menus of the Clinical/Charting module and in the main Staff module. Follow the instructions below to locate the staff and their information.

Locate Inactive Staff in the Staff Module

  1. Go to the Staff Module.
  2. Click Advanced Search at the bottom.

    • A new window will open.
      • Type in the staff's name.
      • Change Active Status to Inactive.
      • Click Search.

    • The staff will now appear in the Staff module.

Note: To re-activate the staff, double-click on their staff line and change their Active drop-down to Active and click .


Locate Inactive Staff in the Clinical/Charting Module

  1. Go to the Clinical/Charting Module.
  2. Type the staff's First or Last name in the Staff text field.

  3. Click the Next button .
  4. Click on the Staff drop-down and select the inactive staff's name.


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