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Rename a Role


Roles can be changed to to suit your agency's preference.  Please do rename the role of Champion.  This is helpful for Procentive support staff.
  1. Go to the Staff Module.
  2. Double click on a staff line (where it is not a blue link).
    • ​The Change Staff window will open.
  3. Click on the Role Tab.
  4. Click on the Edit Roles link.   edit roles link.png
    • The Roles window will open.
  5. Highlight the role on the left you want to rename.
  6. Enter the new name in the name field.

    rename a role in the staff module.png
  7. Click Change Role.
    • You will notice the name of the role changed (in the list to the left).
  8. Close the window.
  9. In order for staff to see these changes, they will need to log off of Procentive and log back in again.
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