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Set Up Commissions


Procentive can track commission for staff who receive a portion of payment for a service. This article will help you setup commissions for your agency.  Your agency is able to specify which staff receive commission, what that percentage is, and which services (CPT codes) staff receive commission for.

Assign Commissions Percentage to Staff

  1. Go to the Staff Module.
  2. Double-click to open a staff's profile.
  3. Click the Rates tab.
  4. Enter a percentage into the Commission field.

    commissions percentage 9222017.png
  5. Click Save. 

Staff can only have one commission percentage. This percentage will be used to calculate all commissions for all collected revenue that is connected to services provided by the given staff.

Setup Codes to Pay Commission

  1. Go to the Codes Module.
  2. Double-click on an existing code or add a new code.
  3. Click the Billing tab.
  4. In the General section, locate the Pay Commissions setting. 

    code commissions 9222017.png
  5. Select the applicable option:
    • Yes: staff should be paid commissions for this code.
    • No: staff should not be paid commissions for this code.
  6. Click Save.
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