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Add Comments and Update Existing Tickets


This article will cover how to comment on existing tickets and what to update after adding a comment.

Add Comments and Update Existing Tickets

  1. Click on the Ticketing Module .
    • You may need to use the filters at top to find a ticket if you do not see it in the initial screen.
  2. Double-click on the ticket line (i.e anywhere that isn’t a blue link).
    • The ticket window will open.​​​
  3. Click New Comment .  
    • A text window will appear. 
  4. Add your comment and then click Add Comment .
    • The screen will update with the comment and a time stamp showing who commented and when. 
  5. Be sure to update the Status (on the left side of the ticket) to reflect its current state of progress.
  6. Update Waiting On: If the ticket is waiting for a specific staff person to act, enter a check in the corresponding waiting field.
  7. Click Save.
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