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Add Staff to Ticket


This article will provide instructions on how to add or associate another staff to a ticket.
  1. Enter staff's first name in the quick search field
  2. Click the quick search button .
    • Your search results will appear (highlighted) in the box to the right.
    • Shortcut :) You can also add staff by clicking on the pick list .

      associated staff in ticketing 8-7-2018.png
  3. Click Add .
    • The staff name(s) will then appear in Associated/Waiting On.

      associated-waiting on in ticketing 8-7-2018.png


      • You can have several staff associated with a ticket.
      • You can use the Waiting On checkbox to request information from a specific staff. 
  4. Click Save .

Note:  Red Ticketing Icon - If you create a ticket from within a specific record in Procentive (eg. a client record, clinical note, ERA, etc), you will see a red Ticketing icon  where the ticket originated from.

  • The ticketing icon will remain visible as long as a ticket is open (i.e once completed, it will disappear).
  • It will only be visible to staff identified on the ticket.  
  • You can click on the icon; the system will show you the Ticket Number and Title.
  • If you click on the Ticket Number, it will open the ticket and allow you to add additional comments.
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