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Requirements to Send Tickets to Procentive


The ability to send tickets onto Procentive is generally limited to Procentive champions at each organization.  Customers can request additional staff be given this ability in the event of a staff change.   Permission to send tickets to Procentive can only be given by Procentive staff.

Guidelines for Granting This Permission

This is what we have found works best.

  • One staff for every 10-20 active, full-time staff. 
  • At least one champion from each of the following areas:
    • Intake/Appointments
    • Clinical/Charting
    • Billing/Payments

For Clinical/Charting, it is strongly recommended that only one person be given the authority to create and/or modify clinical forms. It works best if this staff (we often refer to as the Clinical Champion) is the person that has the final say on all forms changes and requests.

Guidelines for Champions

  • Champions must be properly trained and have experience with Procentive for at least 6 months with a sound understanding of the productat least within their area of expertise and responsibility.
  • Champions will serve as a Procentive expert within their own agency. They will be the go-to person for questions, as well reporting issues.
  • Champions may resolve issues themselves, and in the cases where they cannot, they have the permission to send tickets to the Procentive Support Desk.
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