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Review Tickets


This article will explain how to find and review all tickets you have permission to see.

Review Your Tickets

  1. Click on the Ticketing Module .
    • The search filters at the top of the screen determine which tickets you will see.  The default is Show: All Tickets Connected to Me. 
      • You may need to adjust these filters.
  2. Double-click on the ticket line (i.e anywhere that isn’t a blue link).
    • The ticket window will open.​​​

      Note: If you are using a tablet, to open the ticket window

      1. Click once on the ticket so that it becomes highlighted
      2. Then click the Change button in the upper right corner of the page.

Search Filters

  • Show options:  This controls which tickets will appear on your screen based on your connection to the ticket. 
    • Tickets Assigned to Me:  Your name is listed in the Assigned to field.
    • Tickets Waiting on Me:  Your name is checked in the Waiting On section.
    • Ticket I am Associated with:  Your name is listed in Staff associated with Ticket.
    • All Tickets Connected to Me:  Your name is listed in the Assigned to field or in Staff associated with Ticket .
    • All Tickets for my Company:  This option will depend on your permission, Typically, this is a permission assigned to Champions.  If you are reviewing all company tickets, the show completed tickets option will be disabled. You can use Report 5680 Procentive Ticket Search for this type of search.
  • Show Completed Tickets: Select this checkbox to see completed tickets, meaning the Status of a ticket has been marked as Complete.
  • Due:  Select the various options from this drop down menu to display tickets based on their due date.
  • Ticket Type:  Select from these options to display tickets based on the type of ticket. 
    • Ticket 835:  Associated with an entire ERA transaction (from the top of the Payment Entry view in the ERA Module).
    • Ticket 835 claim:  Associated with a specific claim, within the Payment Entry mode in the ERA Module. NOTE: This option is what will most likely be used to track denials.
    • Ticket Appointment:  Associated with the Add window in Appointments.
    • Ticket Batch:  Associated with a Batch report in the Electronic Module.
    • Ticket Client:  Associated with a specific client in the Client Module.
    • Ticket Clinical:  Associated with a specific document in the Clinical Charting Module.
    • Ticket Invoice:  Associated with an invoice in the Billing Module.
    • Ticket Payment:  Associated with a Payment in the Payments Module.
    • Ticket Report:  Associated with a report in the Reports Module.
    • Ticket Time:  Associated with the Add window, or Change Time window in the Time Module.
  • Status:  Will search based on the Status assigned within each ticket.
  • Priority:  Will search based on the Priorities assigned within each ticket (Crisis, High, Medium, Low and Future).

Related Record Column: Click on this link to see the record associated to the ticket. For an 835 claim ticket, this will open the specific ERA where a claim was denied. For a Clinical ticket, this will open the specific document associated with the ticket.

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