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Procentive Knowledge Hub



Where you will find the most recent communication about product updates, payer changes, agency communication and so on.
Accessing Procentive Updates
  1. Click Updates button in the upper right corner.

    Updates small Jan 7 2019.png
    1. You will be brought to
Live Updates Jan 7 2018.png
Using Procentive Updates
  • When you are encounter an issue that you believe might be a known issue, please access the Live Updates to see if it a known issue.

    • If it is a Known Issue, the Live Updates page will be updated with more information, as it becomes available.

    • If there is no Known Issue the system will display the following, All Systems Go! Current Status: No Known Issues

    • If you do not see your issue on the Live Updates page, please send a ticket to Procentive.

  • When you want to learn more about new features within Procentive, click the LEARN MORE button located under the New Feature for that release date.

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