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Dashboards provide quick access to data associated with staff and clients including (but not limited to): appointments, service lines, charting, billing, and payments. For staff in particular, it can be a quick and easy way to gain access to a variety of data points within the system, without needing to move from module to module.

Access Dashboards

  • To access a Client Dashboard, click on the client number in the Clients Module.
  • To access a Staff Dashboard, click on the Home Module (for your own) or click on the staff last name in the Staff Module.

Create Custom Dashboards

Each organization can create its own standard dashboard or multiple dashboards specific to roles. With permission, individual users can create custom personal dashboards.

Assign Permission 

To create a new Dashboard or edit an existing one, you may need to first assign permission by editing the applicable staff roles.  If you are not familiar with editing staff roles, please review this support article: Change Permissions (Edit a Role).

dashboard permissions 2017-08-04.png

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